Angie Kunnath
Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer

“Angie is Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer of Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Mississauga and Oakville. Angie comes from a diverse background of finance and media communications. Her past experiences include back office operations in the finance sector where she honed her attention to details and customer service skills. Although successful in the banking industry, Angie had a calling to make a stronger impact socially – she wanted to get back to her passion of making a living by helping people live longer and live better. Angie has been an active member of various charity organizations. Angie understands the challenges people with debilitating injuries and other chronic conditions faced while trying to maintain their independence and dignity. Angie has experienced firsthand challenges the elderly face, when her grandmother suffered a debilitating stroke in 2003. Angie developed a passion for elderly care while being a caregiver to her grandmother. In doing so, she appreciated the importance of aging gracefully, surrounded by family and loved ones in the comfort of their home. Together with her team at HCA, she is determined to Change the Way the World Ages, one client at a time.”

Matt Vijayan
President & CEO

“Matt is President & CEO of Home Care Assistance (HCA) of Mississauga and Oakville. Matt has been in the healthcare industry for nearly 20 years. Matt understands the challenges related to cardiovascular conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other dementia. In his career, Matt has worked closely with community hospitals, nursing homes and independent living facilities. Matt received his MBA from Athabasca University and holds a B.Sc degree. Matt developed his passion for home care while caring for his grandmother who was battling with a terminal illness. He valued his family’s commitment to providing quality of life, while in the comfort of her home and surrounded by loved ones. He understands from personal experience the challenges facing seniors with illnesses and the stress this puts on their loved ones and caregivers. Matt’s passion to Change the Way the World Ages is evident in everything that he does, both personally and professionally.”

Neesha Bailey B.A, RSSW
Client Care Manager

Neesha is Care Manager with Home Care Assistance (HCA) of GTA West and Waterloo. Neesha comes from a diverse social service and customer service background. Neesha has a diploma as a social service worker and a BA in Disability Studies from Ryerson University. Her experience includes working as a program counsellor/Learning advisor with at risk youth, working as a Recreation Therapist and a Resident Relations Coordinator in Long Term care homes for over nine years. Neesha has worked as a Case Manager for individuals with Intellectual disability as well as an Intervention Coordinator with the Canadian Deaf Blind Association. Neesha has been working within the community with seniors as a Care Manager for over 5yrs. Neesha’s passion and dedication to her clients and caregivers is always 110% percent, she believes you must always take the time to listen and empathize and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Jeanette Bock
Associate Director, Client Services

Jeanette is an Associate Director of Client Services of Home Care Assistance of GTA West. Jeanette is a focused executive with more than 25 years of award-winning customer service and sales experience. She has a background in working in the hospitality Industry, with a large Shopping Centre Developer and Seniors Retirement living, in sales, business development, customer service and marketing. Although she enjoyed a wonderful career in the shopping centre industry, she looked at a change in careers when her own father went into a healthcare crisis. Jeanette experienced the confusion and emotional turmoil many families suffer, and it ignited a passion to help others going through similar experiences. Jeanette has been an active member of the Oakville community volunteering with “100 Women Who Care Oakville” t “The Gift of Giving Back” food drive and the Oakville Soccer Club.

Nathan Greenlay, B.Sc.(Hons), CCPE
Associate Director, Client Services

Nathan is Associate Director, Client Services of Home Care Assistance Waterloo Wellington. Nathan has spent the last decade helping seniors through transitional times in their lives through his work in the retirement industry. Whether downsizing, moving into retirement living or making some changes after a health crisis, Nathan’s experience in the industry has allowed him to smoothly guide his clients down the path of their choosing. Although his past roles have been primarily sales focused, a positive customer service experience is always top of mind for Nathan. Transitioning from the retirement industry to home care was a natural move as home care allows for more open-ended options and gives Nathan the freedom to truly guide his clients to a result that keeps them well cared for, safe and happy.

John Bibiris
Director of Operations

John Bibiris is the Director of Operations for Home Care Assistance. Although John has an extensive background in hospitality, his inner calling to help the elderly age well has always been top of mind. His personal experiences with his fathers’ stroke and mother’s early onset dementia was the tipping point for his transition to the home care industry. John is an expert at creating environments that empower and challenge his teams to achieve Excellence in Client Service.