4 Ways Color Therapy Benefits the Elderly

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The Benefits of Color Therapy for Seniors in Oakville, ON

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, can be helpful for family caregivers in Oakville who want to ensure their senior loved ones remain emotionally healthy. Though the reasons why color is so therapeutic are still unclear, many studies have shown just how effective chromotherapy can be in promoting elderly health. Here are a few of the ways it can enhance your loved one’s life.

1. It Alleviates Depression

The elderly sometimes face significant challenges and life changes that can trigger feelings of depression. If your loved one’s mood needs a boost, consider adding a splash of yellow to the room where he or she spends the most time. Soft yellows instantly make a room feel warm and sunny and may help your loved one feel happier.

2. It Boosts Energy and Appetite

Health conditions and medications can alter your loved one’s perception of taste and decrease his or her appetite. Feelings of depression may also cause him or her to lose interest in food. However, colors like red and orange naturally cause the heart to beat a little faster, which can increase your loved one’s energy and appetite. In fact, this is why so many restaurant chains use these colors in their logos and décor. If you are having trouble getting your loved one to eat, try adding a little red to the dining room or table.

3. It Conveys a Sense of Calmness and Comfort

Seniors with dementia frequently experience bouts of increased anxiety and confusion. These episodes often get worse in the evening and can make it difficult for your loved one to get to sleep, but using color therapy can be helpful when providing him or her with Oakville dementia care. Blues and greens are natural colors that can create a sense of peacefulness and comfort. Decorating your loved one’s bedroom in these colors may help ease nighttime agitation so he or she can get a good night’s sleep.

4. It Creates a Feeling of Safety and Security

Brown is the perfect color to use to help your loved one feel more secure in his or her home. It can evoke memories of autumn leaves and hot cocoa and feels luxurious and indulgent. Brown rugs, pillows, and throws can help make a room feel like a cozy, warm sanctuary, making it an excellent choice to use in living rooms and other family gathering places.

For other ways to help boost your loved one’s wellbeing, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our compassionate caregivers can provide emotional support and social stimulation and also help with many important daily tasks. For more information on home care Oakville families trust, call one of our friendly Care Managers at (905) 337-1200 to schedule a free consultation.


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