The Best Exercises for Older Adults

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Best Senior Exercises

Older adults benefit from a daily exercise program that encompasses balance and strength exercises and helps to prevent falls, combat heart disease, and lessen arthritis pain. If you or a senior loved one are interested in starting a new exercise regimen, start with these simple exercises, presented by Oakville Home Care Assistance.

  1. Seated Lifts for the Hips – The hip joints need to be stretched each day to maintain a full range of motion. Stretching the hip also helps to reverse the adverse effects of joint arthritis. This exercise is done in a seated position, which is great for seniors with mobility problems. Simply sit in a chair with each hand on a side of the chair and slowly raise the right hip and hold for 10-20 seconds. Then repeat with the left hip.
  2. Balance on One Foot – Falls are one of the leading causes of injury to older adults, but by incorporating routine balance exercises into a fitness program, fall risk can be minimized. Balancing on one foot is a simple yet effective exercise. Begin by standing behind and holding onto a sturdy chair. Then lift one foot and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10-15 times and then move to the other leg.
  3. Bent Knee Raise – Back pain stops seniors from accomplishing their goal of an active lifestyle. Older adults benefit from exercises like the bent knee raise that promotes stability, while at the same time strengthening abdominal and back muscles. This exercise is done lying down on the back with each foot on the floor and the knees bent. Lift the knees one at a time toward the chest and hold for 5 seconds then return both legs and repeat 10 times. Seniors who perform this exercise 3-5 times a week will feel a difference in their back.
  4. Back and Side Raises – These two exercises strengthen the hips, thigh, buttocks, and lower back. Stand behind a sturdy chair holding on to the back for balance. Lift one leg straight back then down. Slowly raise the leg to the side then back down. Repeat 10-15 times then do the same with the other leg.

Before any exercise regimen is started, seniors should schedule an appointment with their doctor or primary care physician to make sure exercises are appropriate for current abilities. Seniors may also need monitoring from a family member or part-time caregiver in Oakville to ensure that exercises are performed correctly and safely.

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