Exercises That Can Help Relieve Arthritis

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Exercises That Relieve Arthritis Pain

Seniors experiencing discomfort from arthritis, but who want a more natural alternative to pain medication, can try a few simple exercises. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior home care in Oakville, suggests these exercises for helping relieve your elderly loved one’s arthritis symptoms.


The gentle movements of yoga build strength and balance, and the stretching involved can help seniors maintain mobility and flexibility, all of which can relieve arthritis pain. Yoga emphasizes relaxation, which can improve your loved one’s immune health and relieve joint inflammation.


Walking 10 to 30 minutes a day, three to five times a week, builds bone strength and can help maintain range of motion in the hips and knees. A moderately intense walk is also an excellent aerobic exercise that can benefit your family member’s cardiovascular health.

Water Aerobics

Water exercises can be a good option for seniors with joint pain. The resistance of the water provides a workout, while the buoyancy eases the pressure on sensitive joints. Many gyms and health clubs offer water aerobics classes specially designed for seniors and individuals with arthritis.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art involving slow, gentle movements. Since it is low impact, Tai Chi is an excellent form of exercise for seniors with arthritis. Tai Chi also builds core strength and improves balance, which can help prevent falls.


This popular exercise is based on Latin-American dances, and it provides the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic exercise without jarring the joints. Most of the Zumba movements emphasize fluidity, which can improve range of motion and joint function.


Not only does gardening burn calories, but it also requires your loved one to exercise joints in the hands, wrists, hips, and knees, which can improve flexibility. Gardening also boosts levels of endorphins, which can reduce arthritis pain.

Exercise not only helps relieve pain from arthritis or other physical conditions, but it can also promote mental wellness, leading to a balanced and healthy life. However, even if your loved one is motivated to take on a few exercises, he or she may need assistance when tackling such tasks. For trusted Oakville hourly care, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can assist your loved one with daily exercises or general mobility assistance while in the comfort of home. Reach out to a Care Manager at (905) 337-1200 to learn more and to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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