All About Google’s Walk Through Dementia Project

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Google's Dementia Walk in Oakville, ON

Many caregivers face challenges when caring for seniors with dementia because such seniors cannot accurately describe their thoughts and feelings. To enhance the quality of care for aging adults with dementia, Google has recently released a program known as A Walk Through Dementia. The Oakville home care professionals at Home Care Assistance discuss a few important details about this project.

What It Does

Alzheimer’s Research UK partnered with Google to come up with a virtual reality program designed to help caregivers better understand seniors with dementia. A Walk Through Dementia can be accessed through mobile devices or viewed as an interactive video on YouTube. The goal of this software is to put viewers in the shoes of a person with dementia so they can understand what this condition feels like.

How It Works

The program features three everyday situations with the potential to confuse, aggravate, and scare adults with dementia. These situations include going to the store for groceries, walking home from the store, and trying to make tea for a friend. Challenges such as running out of sugar or stepping in a puddle can be extremely difficult for seniors with dementia. 

How It Helps

Families who want to provide the best possible care to their loved ones must know as much as possible about dementia. The VR technology in A Walk Through Dementia is one of the many tools caregivers in Oakville, ON, can use to learn more about how their loved ones think and feel. It might also be useful for some caregivers to identify and address many of the side effects of dementia.

In Oakville, dementia home care for seniors requires skills, expertise, and modern methods. Home Care Assistance relies on its team of professionals and its patent Cognitive Therapeutics Method to slow down cognitive decline and memory impairment in seniors. To learn more about our advanced method for dementia care, contact one of our knowledgeable Care Managers today at (905) 337-1200.


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