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At Home Care Assistance, we believe in providing superior service to all of our clients. Our commitment to excellence and strong reputation as the live-in specialists make us the trusted home care company in North America. Read what our clients are saying about the quality of our care:

“We started using Home Care Assistance for services for my mother in early 2019. This was a tough journey for us as a family and after calling many organizations in the area, I felt a genuine connection with Angie and her team. They have gone above and beyond in ensuring my mother’s needs are met and more importantly she was cared for with respect and dignity. I highly recommend them.”

— Jenny Chambers

“Neesha went way beyond the call of duty in helping with my impromtu home care needs. She was pleasant, informative and flexible. Anastasia the caregiver that was supplied was efficient, kind and caring. All in all just a super experience. Thanks!!”

— Justin D

“The man I spoke to was extreamly reassuring and made me feel so at ease during such a difficult time in my life. We didn’t end up using the service because we decided to put my grandmother into an assisted living facility, it doesnt take away from how helpful and considerately I was treated throughout my inquiries. I would reccomend a look into this company for anyone who is truly looking for a compassionate and kind organization to deal with.”

— Anna Szimedli

“The best team you could ever have..”


“Home Care Assistance of Oakville offers exceptional care for seniors. Having worked with several different companies and organizations that work with seniors, Home Care Assistance of Oakville is the best I have ever seen. From the moment the assessment takes place to the care the senior is receiving, compassion is something so special about this company that truly makes their services one of a kind. They have compassionate, intelligent, respectful and well trained staff working for them. Caring for seniors is taken to a whole new level, than simply the “basic” care. Caregivers are trained in several different areas including, safety, nutrition, client centred care, cognitive stimulation and even of course the essential activities of daily living. Client entered care is a value that Home Care Assistance of Oakville holds in high priority and this is seen with the quality of care that clients receive. HCA Of Oakville is also very supportive towards their staff and this is clearly seen in the performance of their employees on site and how well they work with each client. If there is a place I would reach out to for the safest and most compassionate care for my family members, Home Care Assistance of Oakville will certainly be top. Thank You for helping me in the way that you have!”

— Stefania Oliveti

“We used Home Care Assistance of Oakville recently and the service was exceptional. They provided by grandmother with a team caregivers to assist her during her recovery following a hospitalization. I recommend them!”

— Tim Thomas

“Very friendly staff members”

— Pradeesh MA

“Thank you for sending Shelly to our family. My grandfather seems to have taken a liking to her and I like her already! My dog loves her! I think this relationship will be a good fit and I hope she will be happy with us.

His dementia has caused him to require more care than we can give him presently, since we both have to work, however, having Shelly with him each weekday has eased the stress on us more than you know! We now know that he eats a nutritious breakfast and lunch and has snacks. In fact, Shelly and I both noticed he’s gaining a few pounds! She assists him with showering, shaving and walks outside, allowing him to do as much as he can on his own. Shelly goes above and beyond, doing crafts with him, decorating the tree, frequent outings for coffee or tea…I believe she treats him as a family member, not just someone who needs supervision. Although by the end of the day he doesn’t remember who she is or that she has been with him half the day, or anything they did together, I know he enjoys his time with her.

The gift he and Shelly made for us is totally awesome. I told him how much it meant to me, but he didn’t remember making it. It brought a tear when I read the sentiment on the back. Thank you again for sending Shelly to us. If I had to hand-pick someone for this job, I couldn’t have done better!”

— Cheryl K, Dundas

“Everyone at Home Care Assistance is qualified, certified, and insured. They came to my house, gave us recommendations and options, and never pushed us into any kind of commitment. These are good people.”

— Kris F., Hamilton

“Mom’s caregiver gave excellent and very attentive care to my mother. My mother enjoyed her cheery and friendly personality. My mother’s caregiver let my mother live her life, but was always there in the background to make sure that my mother didn’t try to do too much and to support her if she needed help with anything. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

— Brent C, Oakville

“I was talking to Dad this morning and he mentioned you were bringing a lady over tomorrow so I knew things were under control. It was a huge relief having your caregiver come in. It gives me great peace of mind knowing she is there in case something happens or he needs help. While I’m still in catch-up mode at work, at least I’m back and I actually had a night to myself last night for the first time in 2 weeks! Thanks again for all of your help.””

— Karen R, Mississauga

“My caregiver has been a wonderful help, doing all the things I can no longer do like laundry, errands, and other day to day activities. She accompanies me to doctor’s appointments and having her around makes me feel safe. She is a very trustworthy person who makes my life more bearable. I can talk to her about anything and she is always there to listen.”

— Marie G, Etobicoke

“I’m enjoying having my caregiver here…she’s a lovely person. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough for her to do, but four hours go really quickly. I think the pain in my back is easing slightly and I feel more in control of my environment…just thought I’d let you know.”

— Darya F, Toronto

Home Care Assistance Oakville, ON rated 4.9 out of 5 from 4 reviews