4 Best Live Music Venues for Seniors in Oakville

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Live Music Venues for Seniors in Oakville, ON

Listening to live music is an enjoyable form of entertainment that can also provide some key health benefits for the elderly. In Oakville, ON, there are more than a few places your senior loved one can go to see musical performances of the songs they love and even discover some new favorites. Oakville home care experts want to share some of the top local live music spots for people over 65.

1. The Moonshine Café 

If your loved one is interested in hearing music any day of the week, this is the perfect venue in Oakville. Folk and roots music are the most common sounds featured at the Moonshine Café. The crowd is generally intimate, and the live musical guests include solo artists, parent and child duos, and large bands. Visiting this café to hear live music may help your loved one become more social and reduce his or her anxiety and tension. 

2. Rumours Pub & Grill 

The music at this pub generally includes blues, rock, and folk, but will depend on the night and the artists performing. While being in the company of other older adults, your loved one can enjoy great food and exciting tunes. If your loved one wants to relax and maintain a positive mood, Rumours Pub & Grill is the perfect local live music spot. 

3. Abbey Arms Pub & Restaurant

Every other Sunday afternoon this venue features live music between the hours of 3:30pm and 7pm. These musical events are a great way for your loved one to increase positive emotions, self-esteem, and relaxation. This Oakville music spot also hosts trivia nights and offers plenty of menu specials. 

4. The Arbour Café 

The Arbour Café is the perfect venue in Oakville for seniors who want to hear live music on the weekends. The venue is fully staffed, and your loved one does not need to worry about rowdy crowds while listening to a variety of jazz instruments and melodies. Listening to the live music can help your loved one relax while staying mentally engaged and maintaining a happier outlook on life.

Getting out of the house for some entertainment can work wonders for a senior’s emotional wellbeing. If your loved one needs transportation or a social companion to accompany him or her to live music events or to participate in other activities, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our dedicated caregivers are available to 24/7 to provide services such as these and help with a wide variety of tasks around the house. We also offer specialized Parkinson’s, stroke, and Alzheimer’s care Oakville seniors can rely on. For more information on our senior care services, please call (905) 337-1200 to speak with one of our friendly Care Managers.


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