How to Live Well with Dementia

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Although dementia is usually a degenerative condition, at Home Care Assistance of Oakville, we believe that those who’ve received a dementia diagnosis are often able to maintain active and happy lives for quite some time. How fast dementia progresses is largely dependent upon the type of dementia that the individual has and the state of his or her overall wellbeing. This makes it important for both seniors with dementia and their loved ones to diligently maintain a sense of normalcy and contentment. Encouraging stress-free, happy living is a vital part of promoting good health.

  • Maintain a Balanced Social Life – Dementia can cause a number of surprising personality changes. It can also be responsible for frequent mood swings as patients toggle between frustration, suspicion, anger, depression, and other difficult emotions. This might make seniors and their family members reticent to schedule visits or to continue with other social activities. Seniors, however, need social interaction. It keeps them active, stimulated, and engaged. Thus, it is far better to gently explain a loved one’s condition to visitors than it is to start gradually cutting social interactions off. Local support groups for dementia patients and their families may have a variety of activities available as well.
  • Establish Good Sleep Habits The body has the best opportunity to protect and repair itself when a person is well-rested. Limiting caffeine consumption and moderating naps will help seniors rest better throughout the night. Establishing a nighttime or routine sleep schedule is also an effective way to limit mood swings as it allows the senior to better orient themselves to the time of day. If you’re unable to assist your loved one with his or her evening schedule regularly, learn more about Oakville live-in home care and how a trained and professional caregiver can help and even stay overnight.
  • Combat Depression Depression is a common development among those who have been recently diagnosed with dementia. Maintaining a regular exercise routine is a great way to keep depression at bay. Physical activity stimulates the production of mood-boosting chemicals and it can also route more nutrient-bearing blood to the brain. It is important to note that seniors who remain active and lead balanced, healthy lives may be able to slow the progression of this illness.

During the Formative Stages of Dementia

There are a number of activities that seniors with dementia can perform to preserve memory and cognitive functioning longer. Seniors can keep diaries and write down all of the things that they want to remember or they can take up scrapbooking. These should be simple, stress-free projects that are only done when they don’t cause frustration.

There are even ways to make it easier for dementia patients to navigate the house and continue managing their lives. For instance, cabinets and pantries can be labeled to remind dementia patients of what they contain. Encouraging seniors to maintain control over their basic self-care for as long as possible will build their self-confidence and help them retain more of their essential life skills.

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