How Seniors Can Benefit from Massage Therapy

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How Massages Benefit the Elderly

Massages can definitely be a great way to relax, but they also offer specific benefits that can promote senior health. The staff at Home Care Assistance of Oakville has put together this list of positive effects massage therapy may have on your senior loved one.

Reduced Pain

One of the most noticeable benefits of massage therapy is a decrease in muscle pain. By hitting the right pressure points, stiffness associated with arthritis can diminish and a greater range of motion may occur. Seniors with osteoporosis also report less discomfort after receiving a massage.

Increased Circulation

Physical activity can decline with age, and when seniors lower their fitness level, their lymphatic systems grow stagnant. Lymph is a colorless fluid containing white blood cells that, if lethargic, can lead to increased susceptibility to disease and sickness. A massage can jump start lymph movement and assist in eliminating toxins.

Elevated Mood

Massage therapy releases mood-heightening endorphins, which is especially beneficial for seniors who may feel isolated or lack personal contact. Whether in a nursing facility or at home, aging can lower personal interaction and increase feelings of stress, but massage can be a way to break down these barriers.

Fewer Alzheimer’s Symptoms

The sensation of touch is something that seniors with Alzheimer’s often remember. Incorporating massage therapy in your loved one’s ongoing treatment plan can help calm and comfort him or her. Leading to fewer aggressive outbursts and a reduction in overall symptoms.

Heightened Respiratory Health

Many muscles in the front and back of the upper body are respiratory muscles that, when tightened, can restrict normal breathing patterns. Working with the muscles through the torso can relax the region around the chest cavity allowing freer breathing, increased oxygen intake, and easier carbon dioxide elimination.

Massage therapy offers seniors a wealth of benefits and can be a great way to improve internal health issues and mobility challenges. If your senior loved one could use additional help maintaining overall health, consider hourly care in Oakville from Home Care Assistance. All of our care services include the use of our holistic Balanced Care Method, which promotes physical, mental, and emotional health. For more information, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (905) 337-1200 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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