4 Quick and Easy Diabetic-Friendly Meals

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Best Meals for Elderly Diabetics

Coming up with delicious, easy meals that won’t bore your diabetic loved one is not always easy. At Home Care Assistance of Oakville,  our senior home care experts have cooked up some simple diabetic-friendly meal suggestions that will keep your loved one healthy. Get back to the basics with these delicious meals tailored for diabetic needs.

Salmon and Couscous Casserole

This easy meal would take an hourly caregiver in Oakville around twenty minutes to make for your loved one. This fish dish is full of protein and flavor that will satisfy your relative. As a whole-grain, high-fiber food, couscous is a great low-carb substitute for traditional rice. Mixed with red or green peppers and some baked salmon, this scrumptious dish is also a filling source of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12.

Vegetarian Tostada

Layered rice, beans, vegetables, and a light sauce over a whole-wheat tortilla can give your loved one a much needed boost for his or her lunch or light dinner. Relying on a handful of simple ingredients means this meal can be ready within minutes. Pair this tostada with a low-sugar beverage and your loved one will enjoy a satisfying and diabetic-friendly meal.

Apricot Chicken Kabobs

Combining apricots with chicken is a delicious and unique combination that your loved one will adore. This exceptionally easy dish is versatile, allowing you to throw in any of your loved one’s favorite vegetables to offset the chicken and apricots. Simply cut the vegetables, fruit, and meat into cubes and put on a skewer in an alternating pattern. Throw the kabobs on a counter top griddle or griller to cook your loved one a tasty meal in less than twenty minutes.

Basil-Lemon Shrimp Linguini

Shrimp is a special treat for any day when chicken has become mundane. Create a sweet and slightly tangy lemon and basil sauce to top your pan roasted shrimp and whole-wheat linguini. This quick, diabetic-friendly dish tastes like restaurant quality, at a quarter of the price. Season to your loved one’s taste and serve with a club soda and lemon or lime to create a light, summery dinner meal.

As about 25% of American seniors have diabetes, many families with elderly relatives need to find easy recipes to keep their loved ones healthy. At Home Care Assistance, our hourly or Oakville live-in home caregivers understand the importance of finding healthy dishes to feed your loved one, and can help grocery shop or cook for your relative’s diabetic needs. If you’re interested in learning more, contact our Care Managers at (905) 337-1200.


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