Why Ali Was a Champion in the Fight Against Parkinson’s

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Honoring the Life and Story of Muhammad Ali in Oakville, ON

Muhammad Ali spent many years fighting in the boxing ring, but he endured his greatest fight after he retired. Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s didn’t keep Ali down, and he became a great source of inspiration for others living with the disease. Oakville home care professionals discuss the strength Ali showed while managing Parkinson’s and how he helped others who shared a similar battle.

Ali Wanted to Raise Awareness

Ali knew he wanted to stand up for people around the world who were living with Parkinson’s and raise awareness about the disease. He advocated for research funding to seek a cure, and he was passionate about this cause until his death. In fact, Ali attended a charity event for Parkinson’s less than 3 months prior to his passing.

He Faced and Defeated Emotional Issues

Parkinson’s can lead to depression and other emotional health concerns. Even though there are medications to help manage these emotional changes, many people lack motivation and the will to fight. Ali was not one of these people. His true colors shined when he vowed to stay motivated and help motivate others, and his determination to beat Parkinson’s is what helped alleviate his emotional issues. One of the most memorable moments for Ali was the Summer Olympics of 1996, where he stood shaking, without any obvious emotion in his face. However, on the inside he was a champion inspiring other people to keep Parkinson’s from getting them down.

He Took Medications to Help Him Battle the Disease

Ali took levodopa, one of the most effective drugs for fighting Parkinson’s. This drug helped Ali replace the dopamine he was losing in his brain. Even though he did not like to take the levodopa, he still did so because it helped him stay strong and have better days.

He Understood His Gift

It was not until Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s that he discovered his true purpose. He had been given an unbelievable boxing talent, which he thought was only to make him famous. When he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he stated to his family and friends he was blessed with the gift of boxing so he could use his fame to make a difference where it mattered the most: advocating for the Parkinson’s community.

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