How to Open a Senior’s Mind to New Technology

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Opening a Seniors Mind to New Technology in Oakville, ON

Seniors often have a difficult time adjusting to new technology, but using certain devices can help promote their quality of life and increase cognitive function. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of Oakville home care, has sometips to help ease your senior loved one into the transition.

Explain the Benefits

No matter how interesting new technology is to you, your loved onemay not understand unless you explain how it can directly impact his or her life. To pique your loved one’s interest, show him or her how to video chat with grandchildren or catch up with old friends via social media.

Go Slowly

Learning new things can be a challenge for some seniors. You don’t want to overwhelm your loved one by teaching too quickly. This may be the first time he or she is using a computer, so starting slow can make the learning process much easier.

Start Small

If you were learning math for the first time, your teacher wouldn’t start with calculus. The same goes for teaching seniors to use technology. Start with the basics. Teach your loved one to turn the computer on before you try to set up a Twitter account.

Show, Don’t Tell

Many people learn better when a lesson is hands-on. It can be easier for seniors to understand technology if they are given the chance to practice. When you go over a new topic and then hand your loved one the computer, he or she may forget the instructions or have a harder time applying the lesson.

Be Patient

You probably use technology on a regular basis and find it fairly easy to adapt to, but this is an entirely new area for many seniors so you may have to explain certain aspects repeatedly. Try not to lose patience. Your loved one may just need a little more time to learn.


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